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    What is the best tool that we can use to measure progress in capacity strenghtening of local organizations? Is MOCA the best option? Can MOCA be adapted to better capture progress, or do we need an entirely different tool?


    adhong ramadhan

    MOCA is one of the tool that can be use to measure the progress of the organisational capacity strengthening. if we want to measure the impact of capacity strengthening on emergency preparedness, the best tools is doing accompaniment of the partners during real emergency by preparing the list of questions to be measure (score card for real emergency accompaniment). Table top simulation is one of the tool can be use in case of no emergency or sending the partner staff for TDYer to other country program that has emergency response.


    Amanda Schweitzer

    From my opinion, the MOCA tool shouldn’t be used to measure progress as its best used to capture organizational development changes from the baseline and end line, as well as identify areas that should be addressed through OD planning. I realize we used it for the MTR, and maybe this was not the best practice? Any thoughts on that from other discussion forum participants?

    Progress can be captured through program management processes, including different monitoring tools. It would be good to discuss how we can capture progress in partners’ MQ and PQ processes through our monitoring that doesn’t involve use of the MOCA tool. Although this discussion is a bit late for the current PEER project, it will be useful for future follow-on programming.


    Akash Asthana

    In my openion, MOCA can be used to identify the capacity strengthening needs of the partners. In orer to use it for measuring the progress, the tool needs to be modified with detailed guidelines (not only on the questions but also the response).

    At the same time, i would propose some quantitative tools which can measure the progress of the project across the timeline of the project

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